The world full of EXPECTATION


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The world full of EXPECTATION


In the ever-moving world of power and control, who doesn't love the fact of expecting things from others? Who doesn't love to think and cherish the power to think I can have this or that or everything that I have ever desired from this world? We, people, love to be the center highlight of every single thing. We just feel like we have done this for others so why don't I get it back from others? I need it back to me. I must deserve this. I must have this. I I I I I. We just have I's in this world. I wanna be happy. I need this much salary, I need this car that thing this house. We just have so much demand that we love to expect everything we have.

People are not born to fulfill this much expectation for someone else. People carry their burdens in life. People work their asses off daily just to fulfill their own needs. Look at yourself. Do you work or earn for yourself or someone else? Do you keep moving forward to make yourself successful or someone else?

If you are working to build yourself so why should people build you? You build yourself for what you are rather than them building you. We expect too much from others. Starting from the day we were born, we expected our family to buy this or that. We expected our friends to make us the hero in the group when we are at school, We expect our relationship to be OMG the perfect one. We expect the love that we need, We expect sex, affection, and togetherness. We expect a high salary to pay our bills. Yes, you may deserve it. But why expect it?

If we can't provide others with the same expectation to others that they want from us cause we are busy working on ourselves to build ourselves. Think as they are doing the same to theirs as well.

Don't put off praying

We have so many Religious places such as Dharmastal, churches, and Mandirs, Why do we go there? Have you thought as you go there asking god one thing? Oh God please fulfill my wishes, Oh god please give me good marks in exams, Oh God please make my life beautiful, Oh God Oh God, you spend your life just expecting god to fulfill your wants.

Have you ever gone to visit god saying "Hey God, I come to visit you. How are you? I hope you are doing well. Thank you for being by my side and always letting me believe I could achieve whatever I try to do, holding my hands and not making me quit what I did. Thank you for the belief".

Till the day that I is fulfilled we feel happy, feel the power, but soon as the I that we created begins to fall, you crumble as well, you fell to the ground as well, you fucking lose yourself, give up.

Just know and feel it inside you, You my G are enough for this world, to conquer the life you ever wanted by yourself, Let the world be thanking you for the knowledge that you provided to them. You don't need to be Bill Gates, or Ellon Musk to be known by the whole world. The people around you, The people you care about, The people who care about you, if they can see this light. It is enough for us to know that we served your purpose.

Neither expect nor give others expectations. The feeling will come, let it not be carried away and let it win cause once it overtakes you, sadness, depression, anxiety, and anger are just one step away from you.

Always be Happy, always learn from the world and work for yourself and not for others.


Look at the image of the DOGS, They have no one. They always expect that someone will come give me love, give me food. But don't be fooled. At least these beautiful creatures expect for a while and forget as if they didn't have any expectations. That is the beauty of this creature. They love their owners, their caretaker and never expect anything back.

"Be humble. Be happy. Be the person you are. Life is beautiful. Good things come to people who think and act good. Never leave that behind."

- Brishav Shakya