A Hero To Be

A Hero To Be


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Sometimes we think about heroes. We have our version of heroes. Heroes be like those we look up to, who help us when we want someone strong, who can teach us, hug us, make us believe we are better, we can do better than this, and we can fight what we are facing. Our mom dad, our teacher, our family anyone can be a hero in our life. Sometimes heroes are made rather than told you are one.

Being a hero and wanting to be a hero is a completely different thing. You can not be called a hero. You need to be the hero for someone or something. People look at us as a hero. Proving your value to be a hero is the one thing we look up to.

As a person, I live up to my life feeling I need to be something in life. I need to be remembered by someone or something so that people can look up to me later in my life when you are alive or dead like oh I know this one, I know this motherfucker. He was the guy who did this, who taught us about this, who never let me give up on anything, who loved to say to move forward in life so that you can never want to quit.

"What is the value of life if we don't have a purpose to live for?"

I always had that mentality that you need to prove yourself. You need to show the world that you have your existence. And ohh boy I was wrong. We will get into it later on.

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I wanted to be the hero for something, I just felt it was needed. I cared about people, supported them, showed love, and made them feel that you are not alone in life. Life is better on the other side. I tried my best when I did. Cared, Loved and tried to be the person that could be trusted so that people won't feel they are nothing.

At the time things look so easy, and things feel oh yes I was doing good, I'm helping a person to grow. But as you there is a saying "You die a hero or you live long enough to be the villain".

Humans are selfish at times, I don't even blame them for this. But it shows slowly how people can wrongly interpretative you could be getting. No one is perfect, not the people who you helped or yourself. We have our flaws ourselves but just feel the sense of being overlooked and helpless at times. I carried on. To date I am.

Who told us that one bad experience can define your future? Always try to move forward with whatever the world put in front of you. You can't be like "Oh Shit life is shit, this or that" People are beautiful. People are made imperfect so that we people can cherish these flaws that God made on us to make sure these marks make us who we are.

Light at the end of the Tunnel

Adaptation, Belief, Self Learning. This thing can make a person feel the best version of who they are. Life will throw you down and out many times. People will treat you like you are shit, Our Jobs may feel like hell, and Our friends and family may look dull. But who do we care about? Life is beautiful this way. Look at yourself, Are you the same person you were 5 years ago? I hope not. Life has given us better chances and better opportunities to look upon and be like oh yes I never would have been here and lived my fullest if this has not been done.

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Try being the hero. But not the hero that the world doesn't need. Try being the hero that you are to whom it matters. Try showing your skill, your attitude that can change the world and some things that need it.

A hero doesn't need a recognition, A hero just needs goodwill that the world can hold on to. Be the hero that you believe in first. The world can wait. The world will see you afterward what you are.

Don't be afraid of criticism, don't be afarid of losing someone, don't be afarid of being wrong if it isn't. It may look wrong at first. But once it's done, Life will just be better along with it. History wasn't made in a day. The same life would not change if things are bad today, Things take time to heal, to forget, to forgive, and just enjoy until you can. Be the HERO that you are or want to be.

So........... Start living My Hero. You are already a hero in my eyes. You are already a SUPERMAN, BATMAN, SPIDERMAN, IRONMAN. Just know the hero in you is beside you and always will be.

We may be a stranger, you and I may have never met. But the reader, I know you have a clean soul and a clean heart. I LOVE YOU 3000. ๐Ÿฉท

"Spread love and belief so no fucking being needs to feel alone and helpless in their life. You will be okay. I Promise. ๐Ÿคž๐Ÿฝ"

- Brishav Shakya